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Beside are shown few antique gilt frame reproductions made from Lab Federici. Most of them are replicas of antique gilt frames of the "Pinacoteca" of Bologna, which has gotten the major state museum collection in Bologna (town of Guido Reni, Carracci and other relevant old master painters). Lab Federici has used for its antique gilt reproductions two different kind of gold: Dutch gold leaf and 22 karat gold leaf. They are both very good and they make look the reproductions at the end of the gilding process as if they were authentic antique gilt frames. Dutch gold leaf is used to save money, in fact the antique gilt frames made using this product are almost 15% cheaper than the ones in which 22 karat gold leaf is used. The look, anyway is pretty much alike due to the fact that the dark "patina" above the gilding is the real important process that make the difference for the looking of the frame. The shape is very important as well for a good looking of an antique gilt frame reproduction. The market it's plenty of new 23 carat gold leaf gilt frames with a very good shape and a very bad "patina" that make them look ugly, all alike and fake, but fortunatly it's possibile to find as well good replicas gilt with dutch gold leaf made from such skilful gilders with such a beautiful "patina" to make them seem more authentic than the ones made by genuine gold leaf gilding. This is a very good reason for private collectors and antique dealers to focus more on the skills of the Master Gilders than on the kind of gold it would be used on the frame. As the old gold leaves produced in the past were much thicker than the ones produced today the leaves used for antique gilt frames replicas made by Dutch gold have the advantage to look as much thick as genuine antique gold leaves. The real difference between the two kind of leaves is the colour. Genuine gold leaves are of course much yellow and they resists trough the years forever and this is probably the main reason that have made real gold the best metal on earth.