Antique inexpensive picture frames reproductions. Federici since 1905

The pictures of this page show several antique picture frame reproductions made by dutch gold leaf (imitation gold leaf). When a picture frame replica has been made using some good gilder skills to make them appear antique as: quite rubbed out, quite dark but brighter in some other parts, than is very difficult to understand which kind of gold leaf were used to make them. In fact not even antique frame experts can recognize imitation gold leaf easily. There is a great advantage you can enjoy of using dutch gold leaf instead than genuine gold leaf. That's due to the thickness of the dutch leaves. The imitation gold leaf even though is not as yellow as genuine gold leaves is as much thick as the antique genuine gold leaves that were used during ancient times. It is really a great advantage to who wants use this kind of finishing because to obtain the same look by using genuine gold leaf you have to cover the frame twice with the consequence loss of time and money.