Buy Renaissance Picture Frames **Top Quality Handmade Reproductions** for sale

The pictures beside shows few renaissance reproductions made from Lab Federici. Renaissance is a word that represents a great time of the italian history. Renaissance starts from the beginning of 15th century in Tuscany Florence under the will of Lorenzo De Medici who actually gives the oportunity to amazing painters to produce remarkable artworks that today are considered as the most important of all times. Two very famous renaissance painters that represents renaissance art most than ever are Leonardo and Raffaello. Renaissance picture frames as theirs own antique master paintings are very much known all over the world for their harmonious balance between carved ornaments and empty spaces of the ornates and they are never too heavy and always help the paintings to get more life. The ornaments are pretty much the same than the ornaments you can find on the huge fronts of florence churches. The high quality of the art of this time and the high quality of the culture of a man as Lorenzo called il "Magnifico" (The Magnificent) were so in contrast with the dark centuries of The Medioevo to give to this new time the name of something that would recall the great classic roman time which was brilliant and full of energy till its death with the result of centuries of ignorance, illness and dark times. Renaissance is a sunny day after a long cold night and Italy was surely the craddle of the major artists that contribute to build up one of the most important art style of every times.